Compact Centrifuge

Small centrifuges are versatile laboratory devices that are used in various scientific disciplines. These compact devices use centrifugal force to separate or concentrate samples. They are particularly useful in the separation of liquids and solids, the purification of biomolecules or the investigation of cell structures. Thanks to their small size and precise control, they are perfect for research laboratories and diagnostic applications. Small centrifuges enable fast and efficient results, making them indispensable tools for modern laboratory work.

Microlitre Centrifuge

Microlitre centrifuges are specialized laboratory devices that are frequently used in molecular biology and biochemistry. These compact centrifuges are designed to centrifuge tiny sample volumes in the microliter range. They enable the separation of samples enclosed in small tubes or plates and are essential for DNA, RNA and protein analysis as well as PCR reactions. With high speed and precise control, microliter centrifuges offer fast results and are an essential tool for laboratories working with small volumes.

Universal Centrifuge

Universal centrifuges are versatile laboratory devices that are used in various scientific disciplines. They are capable of centrifuging samples of different sizes and densities, making them indispensable tools in areas such as biology, chemistry, medicine and other fields of research. These centrifuges offer variable speeds and different rotors to meet a wide range of requirements. Whether purifying biomolecules or separating cell suspensions, universal centrifuges deliver precise and reliable results for researchers worldwide.

High-Speed Centrifuges

High-speed centrifuges are powerful laboratory devices that are designed for particularly fast rotation speeds. These devices enable the rapid separation of substances in samples and are widely used in research, diagnostics and industry where time is of the essence. High-speed centrifuges are indispensable for the purification of biomolecules, the isolation of DNA or RNA and the preparation of proteins. Their high speed and precision ensure efficient and reliable results in a short time.

Large-Volume Centrifuges

With their high capacity, they are ideal for the separation of large volumes in areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics. These centrifuges enable the efficient purification of cell cultures, the separation of liquids and solids in large samples, and much more. High-volume centrifuges are indispensable tools for laboratories that work with large sample volumes and require precise results in a short time.

Filtration Centrifuges

Centrifuges for flow-through filtration are specialized devices that remove particles or solids from liquids. They use centrifugal force to force liquids through filter membranes and separate contaminants. These centrifuges are widely used in laboratories and industrial applications as they provide an efficient method of clarifying liquids, from food processing to wastewater treatment. Flow-through filtration centrifuges are critical to achieving clear and clean liquids.

Oil Test Centrifuge

They separate different components of crude oil, such as water, sediment and oil, and enable accurate analysis. These centrifuges are crucial for determining the quality and composition of petroleum products and ensuring that they meet standards. They play an important role in the petrochemical industry and support quality control and research in the petroleum industry.

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